Artmaking......moving, compelling, necessary......

The subject matter of my work is time and space, an exploration of emptiness as a lively, active force. I am most interested in inquiry and in the energy, frequency and tone of a work. I use very basic materials, most often in a direct and straightforward manner. I enjoy the challenge of discovering their inherent characteristics and how they might be employed to make work with an inner integrity and a distilled physicality.  I am interested to create work that invites an experience of simultaneous intimacy and immensity. 

Artmaking brings together the past, present and future with each engagement. Working in my studio I am aware of art's long history and the many roles it has played and continues to play in human endeavor. Whether one's work is serving ritual, recording history, or providing individual adventure and experience of the creative process, it is a very basic human impulse. 

I’m happy and privileged to make my place in that succession. Many artists who’ve come before me provide inspiration as does the possibility that my work may have importance to a young artist in the future. But it is the way the process demands focus in the present, in each moment, that is most compelling.

The work grounds me and allows a connection with the elemental. At the same time, I’m occasionally allowed a glance into the metaphysical, a chance to feel myself and my work in sync with the motion of the planet.